Advisory and Consulting
Management and Coordination of Technical Equipment
Collaboration with other professionals
Previous Studies of Creativity Realtor
Architectural Concept
Projects and development works
Drafts, proposals and representations
License Management
Projects Execution
Architectural rehabilitation
Corporate Image
Interior Architecture
Current State of heritage buildings
Calculation of Structures and Facilities
Procurement of Works Management
Technical Management of Works
Control Costs and Deadlines
Coordination of Contractors

Modum is the result of the union of several professional teams with experience of over 30 years.

Our company is committed to quality architecture of Solid Concept, which arises from the close relationship with the client, location and program, in which ideas are the engine of the Projects.

The activity takes place Modum at different stages of the architectural process, ranging from planning and concept design to construction management, through all the technical aspects of the building.

Notably specializing in large projects in both the residential and tertiary sector, like shopping and entertainment that develops throughout Spain, Italy, Germany and other countries sometimes collaborating with other professionals and foreigners.

Modum The curriculum is very comprehensive and is partially reflected in this publication.